Situation 805: “What would YOU have done in this situation? Me & my girlfriend were shopping and…”

My girlfriend and I were out shopping and I had to go to the fitting room to try some clothes. As I came out, I saw three big dudes trying to hit on my girlfriend. They seemed pretty adamant on getting her number despite her uncomfortable look. I kinda wanted to intervene, but then I thought it would be best to let her handle them, I felt like all she had to say was I am here with my boyfriend and walk away but she didn’t. So I waited until she finally told them I am here with somebody, when I walked up to her she was upset with me because I didn’t intervene. She even went as far as telling me that she needs somebody who will protect her and fight for her if they have to, and if I can’t be that type she wants nothing to do with me. Was I wrong for waiting for her to walk away on her own, all she had to say was I am with him right???? And as  for protecting her… yes I would totally do that if I felt she was in danger. But fight for a girl?… Never! unless there was no other choice and she needed to be protected!!! Does she have a right for saying that to me and being mad?…Because I think she was over reacting. I’d like to hear from other guys and girls out there in relationships. What would YOU have done? (send in your situation: