Situation 805: “I snooped in on my teen daughter’s cell phone & I discovered she has a friend with benefits…”

Hello Sandy and DJ Ewrek so My situation goes like this… I have a daughter who just turned 17 a few days ago and the other day I happened to look through her phone because I wanted a phone # from her contact, and what I found out was she has a friend with benefits! Yes, a boy same age as her. I am totally not ok with this!! I happened to find out because I snooped through her phone while looking for a phone number, so I kind of feel like I violated her privacy, but I also have the right to do so since she is my daughter, she is a minor, and I am paying for that phone. With that said, how can I bring this is up with out letting her know I went through her phone or do I just let her have it and let her know I know the and I don’t like what she is doing? I don’t agree with pre-marrital sex, let alone having a friend with benefits. As a mother, I don’t want her to think it’s okay to treat sex like it’s something you have with just anyone, especially for someone who just turned 17. So should I tell her what I found on her phone and possibly break that trust we have or how should I approach the situation and educate her on how to be safe and to set morals and standards? Parents out there listening how have you dealt with this? Thanks in advance. (send in your situation to: