It’s National Jewel Day! What’s your birthstone?

March 13th


National Jewel Day is observed March 13th of every year. While this day may be a day to give or receive jewelry, it could also be a day to recognize jewelers.   It may also be a day to wear those gems you may already have!

Birthstones by Month

      • January – Garnet
      • February – Amethyst
      • March – Aquamarine
      • April – Diamond
      • May – Emerald
      • June – Pearl
      • July – Ruby
      • August – Peridot
      • September – Sapphire
      • October – Opal
      • November – Yellow Topaz, Citrine
      • December – Tanzanite, Zircon, Blue Topaz


Buy some jewelry, make some yourself or sign up for a class to learn the art of jewelry making.  Freshen up your everyday attire with a little bling and use #NationalJewelDay to post on social media.