Situation 805: “Friends that I grew up tell me money has changed me…”

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Within the last couple of years my business has really taken off and I’ve started to make a lot more money than any of my friends, I am a college educated Latino who has worked hard to get where I am. Well with that said I have also started making friends with a lot of other professionals and business owners I am a very social person and like having friends around me, but I am really starting to rethink my long time friends… Why you ask? Well for One my old friends are constantly calling me a sell out because when I talk to my business friends I supposedly talk WHITE….  my response to that is I never knew talking proper English was considered being a sell out… they have even made these type of comments in front of other people and it’s starting to bother me….. even criticizing me with some of the activities like playing golf with business friends calling that white people stuff!!! Even simple little things like drinking wine. Was I supposed to drink Bud light 40’s for ever???? Is it bad that I am considering cutting a lot of my long time friends off because they don’t fit in my social circle any more and don’t understand that people change and even grow up?? (email your situation to: