Situation 805: “My friend doesn’t just stink… he stanksss!!”

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Yo! whats up Danger and DJ Ewrek so this might sound funny but I have a friend that sweats a lot and he won’t wear deodorant!!!! We been homies for a long time but recently he became a “naturalist”, I am probably not using the right word but he doesn’t believe in using anything with chemicals in it and let’s say every time he comes around the house he stinks up the whole house. Not only that but he is that one guy who wants to girl a hug when he sees them, but you should see the face they make when they get a wiff of his BO after the hug. I don’t think he shampoos his hair because it’s always greasy. I do believe that he takes a shower every day, but I highly doubt that he uses soap though. He doesn’t wear deodorant. I know it is what he believes in now, and I don’t want to be rude….. but if I were to tell him that if he doesn’t put something to help with his BO, then I don’t want to hang out with him because he smells, is that messed up or wrong of me? (email your situation to