Situation 805: “Am I being selfish because although everything is “perfect” I don’t want to get married YET?!”

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I don’t know if I am being ungrateful and naive. My BF treats me so well. He has always been patient, loving, generous, selfless, and affectionate during our time together. Even during arguments, he is calm and loving. I really think he would do anything for me. We love each other very much, Been together for 10 years. He ask me to marry him and everything was perfect but I said NO…. because I am not ready I am only 25 and I feel like I need to live a little more not saying hook up with other guys just have the freedom of me time. He on the other hand wants to settle down have kids and all that, anyway long story short I don’t want to break things off because I am not ready to marry but he on the other hand says he wasted 10 years of his life and he is done and wants to look for somebody who wants what he wants? I am like dude relax we are young still we have time? Now he is trying to pressure me into marrying him??? my family and friends say I have the perfect guy and relationship and I am being selfish that people would do anything for a BF and relationship like mine??? Am I supposed to given to getting married because everything is perfect I don’t see myself with anybody else but I just am not ready… am I being dumb and selfish? (email your situation to