Situation 805: “My girl friend is bothered by my best friend, IDK if it has to do with him being gay & people’s assumptions…”

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So I been dating my girl for 3 years now, it started off as a long distance relationship. She finally made the move to where I live and we live together now since Thanksgiving. The only issue we have ever had is my best friend… he is a gay man. We’ve been friend since 3d grade, so yes, we’ve been friend way before he came out. My girlfriend is not homophobic or has anything against gays but she does have an issue that my best friend happens to be gay. I am 100% straight and I know that people have always assumed that there must be something going on, but I don’t let that stop me from being friends with my best friend, it doesn’t bother me, I am very confident about my sexuality. I think that’s what bothers her the most is the rumors and what people assume. She’s told me in the past that she is a little jealous of my friendship and bond we have. I will admit that my best friend is around me or us a lot. I don’t understand why it bothers her if he occasionally comes out with us. I assure her that there’s nothing more than a friendship with him, he is basically like my brother. I consider him family. I have noticed there has been tension between them lately. I don’t know if she just has trust issues or what but I don’t know how to make her understand that he is not a threat & that she shouldn’t let the rumors bother her. He is going to always be part of my life. I love them both but in very different ways. I don’t want to lose anyone of them. Does anyone else have any advise? (email your situation to