Situation 805: “My brother wants to join a ‘pyramid scheme biz’ and wants to borrow money…”

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Good morning to all the radio listeners! I want to share my situation with you all because I want some advice. My brother has been struggling to find work for about 6 months. He’s always kinda hopped from job to job. So he’s been staying with me, renting a room from me. I don’t mind helping him out, he’s my brother. Well he recently joined what I call a pyramid scheme of selling products. I don’t want to mention what it is but it is a weight loss shake type of product. I know these things don’t really work. He hasn’t completely joined yet… but I know he’s gonna do it. He has been talking to all these people that are part of the company hyping him up and he is enthusiastic about getting started. I’m just worried he’s gonna end up losing more money than what he’s gonna make. I’ve tried taking him out of it and we’ve gotten into a few arguments over this. He asked to borrow $500 to buy supplies and get started and I know he will eventually pay me back, but I just see this as a huge waste of money. I am glad he’s excited to get to work and make money but this is just a mess waiting to happen. He hates that I’m on him about getting a job, so do I lend him the money and let him learn the hard way, best case scenario he actually makes some good money or he stays unemployed till something comes up. Help! and thanks in advance!! (email your situation to: