Situation 805: “My son wasn’t able to go on his senior Hawaii trip and we are to blame…”

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Good morning guys!! Ahhh I feel so horrible and I just don’t know what to do!! I really dropped the ball and I can’t even begin to explain how bad I feel. So my son graduated from high school and his senior class trip was Hawaii. My son’s grades weren’t all that great at the beginning of the year, my husband and I told him that if he didn’t improve his grades he wasn’t going to go on his senior trip. Well he did a complete 180 and he got on track and got great grades.  We agreed to gift him this trip and he was sooooo excited to go, well on the way to the airport we were talking to another parent and we realized we failed to get him a government I.D. since he is 18 and technically an adult now. We just got so caught up with all the graduation prep and family coming into town and planning his party we forgot! Also his friends aren’t 18 yet so that was another reason it didn’t cross our mind. He wasn’t able to join the rest of his class and now I feel so heartbroken for him, I think I was more upset than he was. I cried the whole way home and he kept telling me it was okay. My husband and I feel the need to make it up to him in huge way, we are devastated. We know he worked hard for this trip and what it meant to him. Any ideas of how we could make it up to him would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! (email your situation to: