Situation 805: “I am undecided if I should take my girlfriend with…”

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Hi guys I really need some advice. So I was born in Jalisco Mexico. I am 29 years old and I came to the U.S. when I was 19. The Central Coast has been my home ever since. I was living in New York for the past 4 years but I’m back here in California. I met my girl friend over in New York. She’s a Russian immigrant. Both of us speak choppy English but we understand each other very well despite of the language barrier at times. Now that she’s living here with me she’s starting to learn Spanish from just being around my family and friends. I am planing on going to visit my homeland in September. The place I am from is a very rural part of Mexico where there’s no beach or shopping malls or fancy anything. It’s basically like a farm where people still grow their own crops, and milk cows. It’s a different lifestyle. Well my girlfriend wants to go but I know for a fact that she’s going to be complaining the whole time. All she knows is the city life. Even living out here on the Central Coast was a big change for her. I love my girl but I want to enjoy my time in my homeland with my parents and my uncles without having to baby my girl every time she complains. I don’t think she’s knows what she’s in for if she goes. She’s a city girl and not used to the simple life.  She keeps insisting she wants to go. This trip is special and I don’t want to run the risk she will ruin it for me. I prefer to take her on a different occasion when I’m able to take her to some nicer places. My family wants to meet her and wants me to take her too but they don’t understand that she has a bougie side. What should I do? Take her or not? (email your situation to: