Situation 805: “My husband’s niece stole from us, I found out because…”

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Good morning Danger and Loui! Also just want to say welcome to the Central Coast Loui.
So my situation goes like this… my husband’s family came over to our house for Labor Day. We had a bbq and pool party. There was a lot of people at our house either by the pool or inside hanging out in the kitchen & living room. We’ve never had the need to lock our bedroom doors when we have people over. It’s never been an issue, up until now. So after everyone left I told my husband that I was missing a gold necklaces he had gave me many years ago. We thought I might of misplaced it but then he realized his Rolex watch was missing too. This was not a coincidence. We didn’t want to believe that anyone close to us was capable of stealing from us. Well long story short, while we were dropping off everyone’s Tupperware, we stopped by his sister’s house and I had a feeling his niece had taken our stuff. She’s the type to do something like this. I quickly went into her room while no one was watching and I found my necklace in her drawer. I didn’t find the watch though. So my question is how do I expose her with out exposing myself for snooping around her room. She stole my necklace so that means she must of stolen the watch too. Help what should I do? (email your situation to: