Situation 805: “I accidently ran over my gf’s dog while she’s on vaycay, his leg might be amputated. I haven’t told her.”

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Morning Guys! I have a huge problem and hopefully you can help. So my girlfriend is out of town because she went to visit her family in Mexico. She’s been gone less than a week and I did one of the worst things ever! I am dog sitting and I accidentally ran over her dog when I was backing up in the garage. The problem is I haven’t told her yet because I thought everything would be fine after I took him to the vet but the doctor said they might need to amputate the leg. My girl gets back next week and I didn’t tell her because I thought he’d be good as new now he might be a 3 legged dog. Should I have told her as soon as it happened? And how do I tell her now?! (email your situation to: