Situation 805: “Can a guy play video games after work in peace?”

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Hey Guys! So I have a constant problem with my girl. We live together and I feel like she is super needy and requires lots of attention. All i want to do when I get off work is to go home and play video games to distress. You know gotta get that Madden and Fornite in real quick, but as soon as I get home I get the nagging about how much I play video games and that i don’t give her enough attention. She says I talk to strangers online with my video games more than I talk to her. I just don’t understand what she wants us to talk about cause i don’t have anything interesting to say, does she want me to tell her about my co worker talking about their kids again? I keep telling her that I just need time for me after work and on weekends I reserve my time for her is that too much to ask? advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (email your situation to: