Situation 805: “My ex paid for my augmentations & now that we aren’t together he wants me to pay him.”

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Well good morning everyone listening/ reading this. I would like to thank you for taking the time to hear me out. So my sticky situation began 2 years ago when I got a breast augmentation done. My boyfriend at the time paid for the procedure. I also got my butt done and he also paid for it. I was saving money up to pay for it myself but he volunteered to pay for everything. I didn’t want to feel like I owed him anything or that I was with him for convenience. We broke up a year ago and I’ve been in a relationship with someone else since. The reason we broke up was because he was cheating on me and I decided it was time to move on to someone who does want to be with me. So now he keeps telling our mutual friends how he paid for my procedures just so someone else can enjoy me. Honestly he is just very salty that I left him, but he was the one who pushed me away by being unfaithful. He is now texting me telling me I should pay him for the procedures or at least a portion of it or else he’s going to take me to court. I don’t think I owe him anything. I just want to avoid all of this drama and I’m thinking about just giving him money so he can leave me alone. My current boyfriend told me I shouldn’t give him anything. What should I do? Help. (email your situation to: