Situation 805: “I’m bumping heads with my supervisor.”

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Good morning! So I have been struggling at work lately. Recently I have been getting a lot of opportunities at work by our manager because I am bilingual and can speak Spanish. I’ve been given more opportunities in the company to go on the radio and Television to promote our company. That is all fine and all, I actually like doing those things. My immediate supervisor used to get those opportunities because she also speaks Spanish but now it’s becoming less and less because they are giving them to me. The problem is that I noticed or at least it feels like my supervisor is picking on me and I feel like she has been trying to get me in trouble. she often comes to check on me to see what I’m doing and questions what I’m doing. I have been talked to by another one of our managers because she has told them that i wasn’t performing. I feel like this supervisor is out to get me and now she is going out of her way to get me in trouble. honestly if those other opportunities are going to affect my day to day job I don’t think I want to do them anymore. what should I do? (email your situation to