Situation 805: “My boyfriend is cheap! Is this normal for guys to do this, or should I dip out?”

Hi guys good morning. I’m going to jump right into it. My boyfriend is CHEAP! We’ve known each other through hanging out with mutual friends so we aren’t complete strangers. I always thought he was super cute and we started dating 2 months ago. Well I’m just starting to know who he really is! He is always has the newest sneaker, cap, jersey whatever, you name it he has it! But for everything else he has no money for.

Before anyone makes a comment, no I’m not a gold digger or looking for someone to take care of me. So any time we go out to eat for example he always picks the cheaper option and tries to convince me we don’t need all the extra stuff and I end up paying for my dinner if I don’t get what he orders. At his house he reuses water bottles, he fills them and puts them back the fridge like if they were new. He makes little comments if I use his lotion or shampoo or at his place. If he has people at his house he doesn’t provide/or offer any refreshments or anything. If we get invited to a bbq he shows up empty handed. It’s embarrassing, I’m always the one that ends up buying stuff to take. He splurges on himself and is cheap with EVERYONE else.  He’s a fun person to be around but him being cheap is getting to be too much. We can’t do anything or go anywhere without him complaining that it’s too expensive, but if it’s just him going alone he finds a way to come up with money to do it. He has a good paying job, I don’t get why he has to be so cheap. Is this just a stage guys go through or should just get out now. (email your situation to: