Situation 805: “I want to drop out of college.”

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Hey guys I am am a 22 year old college student. I am the oldest of all my sisters. So I’ve been going to the community college here since I graduated from high school. I never was a straight A student. I’ve always was a B’s and C’s kinda person. Now that I’m in college, I find myself struggling with my classes. I started to work as a bartender about 3 months ago and I am making way more money than I thought I would be. I’ve thought about dropping out and just focus on bartending. I talked to my parents about my decision to drop out of school and they are totally against it. They tell me I should set an example for my sisters. But I want to live my life my way. I don’t think college is for me, it’s my life and if this isn’t the right decision then I want to experience that for myself. I know I’m young and I would like some advice from other people that didn’t take tradition route. Or should I listen to my parents? (email your situation to