Situation 805: “I have a neighbor with a loud car! It’s annoying!”

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Hey guys! I hope you are doing good. Love your show! So I have a neighbor that lives right in front of me and I’m about to become a Karen. I really don’t want to but I’m fed up, and don’t know what else to do! so this particular neighbor drives one of those loud @$$ cars (i think its a mustang) and probably modified because you can tell that it is louder than normal even though it is a mustang. I honestly don’t care that it’s loud during the day but the problem is the guy always wakes me up at 5:20 in the morning!!! It is sooooo loud and when he takes off omg it’s even louder! like wtf why does it have to be so loud? It shakes my windows, scares my dog and everything! What should I do? I’m really contemplating calling the cops… This should be illegal! Can’t you get a fine for making super loud noises during a certain time during the day or something? (email your situation to: