Situation 805: “Mom is always working and my sister is dating a low life. Help!”

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I have a problem! My mom is a single mom and is always working to take care of me and my sister. I’m 17 and my sister is 20. The problem is that she is dating an older dude that is a low life. My sister is a nice girl but I can see that this guy has no long term goals and is pretty much a bum. He doesn’t seem to want to better himself and lives with his mom. Nothing wrong with living with your mom it just seems like he smooches off of her. He always keeps either getting fired from his job or quitting because he says “it’s not for him”. I really don’t know what my sister sees in him and I want what’s best for her. Like I said my mom works all the time and she can’t really keep tabs on my sister so I feel like I have to be there. What should I do or tell my sister? Should I have a man to man covo with this dude? I feel like she is going off in the wrong path. (email your situation to: