Situation 805: “Anyone else loosing friends because of social media posts?”

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Hey guys! Man these last few weeks have taken a toll on me. I have a bunch of people posting on my social media about what is going on and I’m literally getting fed up. I actually saw one of my friends being so close minded and nasty that I contemplated blocking her. We’ve been friends for a while and we haven’t necessarily agreed on many issues before but the whole BLM movement is much more than politics and more about humanity.
I’ve been active both on social media and in person and right now is not the time to “get over it” or move on to the next issue, so I’m having a hard time on how to move forward addressing “friends” who just don’t get it versus just blocking everyone who is hateful or “over it” Should I just block those people that are being super ignorant or should i keep fighting the good fight and keep putting in the work? (email your situation to: