Situation 805: “My 8 year old is learning bad language at his dad’s, & dad isn’t helping the situation.”

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Hey guys good morning! I need your advice on how to deal with My baby papa drama. So my ex and I share custody of our 8 year old son. So he goes over to his dad’s house for a week then comes back to mine for a week, the problem now is lately he has been coming back home with some colorful language that isn’t acceptable at my house, if you know what I mean. Yes, he is cussing up a storm especially when he’s playing video games online. (Loui stop teaching my kid bad words! haha jk) it got so bad to the point where he mumbled what sounded like the B word one time when he got mad at me. But I nipped that in the but real quick! I know he’s learning this language at my exes house and I have already talked about it with him and he just gives me the yea ok I’ll look out for it, but it seems like he just says that so I can leave him alone. I’m still catching my son saying these things when he thinks I’m not listening. What should I do? single parents or parents in general if you are listening I would really appreciate your advice! Thanks guys great show! (email your situation to