Situation 805: “My husband comes off as racist, his ignorance is showing. I don’t want it passed on to our kids. Help!”

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Morning Guys wanted to say love the show first off and second I need your help because I have been struggling lately with my husband. So I have been listening to your show lately and I really love what you guys are doing and supporting the BLM movement. My problem is now that everything is in the forefront I have realized that my husband is a bit more ignorant than I thought on the matter and can come off a bit racist. He is totally against BLM and keeps saying ALM instead. He is definitely more closed off and closed minded than I thought. Everything we are living now didn’t just happen, it’s been happening and he can’t even acknowledge it. We have been married for 8 years and have 2 boys. This is really affecting me because this really is making me rethink who I married and honestly I feel less attracted to him because of this too. Most important is I don’t want him to pass along this ignorance to our kids. How is he going to teach our kids if he himself doesn’t know. Those are his opinions, NOT facts!  Is there anything I could say or do to help my husband see he is in the wrong? I need your help please!(email your situation to: