Situation 805: “I have a hairy situation happening at home and IDK what to do.”

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Am I going crazy? I need help! So this started happening a few weeks ago when I took a shower and noticed something strange on the bathroom wall by the shower. I noticed these long hairs and it’s strange because my husband is bald and I have a very short cropped hairstyle so they cannot be mine. I was confused at first so I just washed them away and didn’t mention it but I decided I was going to keep a lookout for more. There seems to be a pattern that when I leave the house for long periods of time or I’m at work that I find more of these hairs. So I finally brought it up to my husband and he just shrugged it off like he didn’t know. I feel like I shouldn’t just go straight onto accusing him of cheating on me with a long haired woman but at the same time I’m feeling paranoid about it especially since he was just like IDK. about two days ago it happened again so asked him about it again and he finally admitted it was kinda strange. I feel like I’m going crazy! it keeps happening and he just dismisses the whole thing. We have been in quarantine so no one really has come over so his sister is out of the question. I really don’t want to assume my husband is cheating on me. What can I do or what should I do? Thanks guys! (email your situation to: