Situation 805: “Why is it a big deal if I choose to wear a sportsbra/ shorts to do my own lawn?”

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My husband had shoulder surgey and his right arm is in a sling for 6 weeks, so basically, I get to do everything now.

I’m going to mow the lawn, and I was thinking of doing it in a sports bra and shorts so that I can get as much sun as I can get before it starts getting any cooler. Guys do it shirtless all the time, right?
When I asked my friends what they thought, they all said it’s a bad idea, and it’s going to upset the neighbors. I figure, I’m in my late 30’s… it’s not like I’m some hot young college girl. That being said, my neighbor’s hot young college aged daughter did scantily clad yoga in her driveway this Summer…so…Anyway, is it ok to mow in a sports bra? Or should I just stay clothed? (email your situation to: