Situation 805: “My boss is a sociopath, should I quit my job?”

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Hello guys! So I have a really good job The pay is amazing better than anything else with my experience. The benefits are amazing great health insurance. The problem is my boss is terrible. He low key is a sociopath and control freak! I feel also that he manipulates people and could be abusive at times. Every time I come to work now I feel sick literally sick from being here. I don’t ever want to go in and I feel like quitting on the spot when I do. The reality is I cant because I need the money. I might have another gig lined up but its not for sure and I wont find out for a while because they are at a hiring freeze until this corona virus thing is over. I almost had a panic attack the other day because my boss was being a jerk. Should I stick it out until I find another gig or should I just quit on the spot?(email your situation to