Situation 805: ” Should I buy my teenager a brand new car?”

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Morning, love the show. So my daughter is about to turn 16. She is excited because she is about to get her driver’s license. My husband and I are fighting because I want to get her a new car for her birthday as a reward for being a good kid and getting good grades. He thinks buying a $35,000 brand new car is ridiculous and too much for a 16 year old. He said to start her off with something more modest around $5,000. We can afford it so why not? I asked him. He says that he doesn’t want to spoil her and wants her to know the concept of working hard and that money does not grow on trees. He says that she has no concept of money. I think that she deserves it. What do you think? is he right? Who do you side with? (email your situation to