Situation 805: “Is liking other girl’s pictures on social media cheating?”

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Heyyy! Good morning. I’m going to get straight to the point… is liking other girl’s pictures on social media cheating? For Christmas we had my best friend and man over to spend it with my boyfriend and me. The question came up and us girls said it is not okay for guys in relationships to follow or be leaving emojis under random girls pictures. They both said it’s not cheating, it’s nothing, it’s just women being insecure for no reason. The guys also said it goes both ways because dudes be following us, and doing the same thing… leaving comments & emojis on our pictures and sliding in our DM’s. The difference is that guys make a conscious decision to go out of their way to comment on their pictures. Women don’t have control of what others say to them or who slides into their DM. What do you guys think? Is liking following engaging with other women’s/men’s social media cheating? (email your situation to