Situation 805: “I need help getting her back”

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Good morning guys! Loui you’re my hero & Danger you’re aight. J/k thank you guys for making my morning commute fun. So I messed up and I really want to get my girl back. I’m 24 years old and I moved to California a year ago. I have a few friends but no family out here. My roommate had a little kick back for NYE and some girls came over and we tried to make the most of it since I’m far from my family & my girl was with her family. (My girlfriend spent NYE with her family so I didn’t get to see her that day.) So I had too many drinks and I ended up posting videos of that night on social media. Nothing too crazy, just us partying. Well my girlfriend thinks something happened because there was girls over. What was I supposed to do? It’s not my house, they weren’t my guests, I have no family here and she was with hers. Maybe I messed up by posting my night on social although I wasn’t doing anything bad in my opinion. She has a lot of trust issues and it sucks that I’m the one paying for it. Help me get her back! What do I do?(email your situation to