Situation 805: “My father’s will has 2 of my brothers feeling some type of way”

Hi good morning. I have 4 brothers and our father passed away in January. In my father’s will he left me his house. I got out of the military 7 years ago and I had been living with him since. I basically became his caretaker and I made sure he was well cared for. He was the best dad! Well 2 of my 4 other brothers are now saying I should sell the house and split the money because they don’t think it’s fair he left me his house. They’re all home owners by the way. I don’t want to sell. My father left that house for me. I had nothing to do with his decision. (FYI my brothers didn’t walk away empty handed, they each got $5,000) I don’t want to be on bad terms, after all we are family. Should I just sell it and split the money to just shut them up & so there’s no bad blood?

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