Situation 805: “I hate the Christmas gift I got”

Hello everyone! Okay so for Christmas we had a gift exchange with our family. Since we weren’t going to be together we decided everyone just buy 1 gift instead of buying everyone gifts. The minimum was $100. My father in law got me. He gave me a gold plated watch which was awesome, but the face of the watch had my face on it. It’s a picture of me. My wife new I would never sport it. I feel so bad he spent so much money on it. My father in law also works at the same company as me. We were all on our lunch break the other day and he told everyone about it. You can tell he was really proud of it. He put me on the spot asking why I haven’t worn it. I told him I would. I really don’t want to. What do I do? I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I hate the watch. It’s embarrassing. Help!