KPAT Studio Line: 805-739-2805

Administrative Office:

Address: 2325 SKYWAY DRIVE #J, SANTA MARIA, CA. 93455

(Office) phone number: (805) 922-1041

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  1. Crystal

    Please can u play locked away .featuring adam levine. . For my Love sam in lompac ca. From your wife crystal i love u baby

  2. Trel

    Can you play professional rapper by lil dicky It’s my homies birthday when you play it announce: “this one is for Purp” please

  3. djspookyd

    When is the Low Rider Car Show in July? I believe you guys said it was on the 9th? Anybody know? I don’t see anything online.

  4. Lorie chadwick

    Can you please dedicate a message to Gucci who is locked up in Lompoc ca can you please tell him I love him and can’t wait for him to come home from lski

  5. Anita Hendrix

    Michael Lee just so you know your bonnie is going to be waiting Right here for you my love always and forever I want you to know I’m not going any where you promise you that my love and know that I’m serious your all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ve ever needed in life and you will be getting a letter from me very soon I promise I love you my Clyde cuz there’s no bonnie with out her Clyde I love you always and forever my love kisses from your princess muah 🙂 can you please play in between the sheets for my to my love my best friend my husband Mr Michael Lee Hendrix in Wasco state prison

  6. Treanna

    To the love of my life and soulmate Aldin I love you so much and I can’t wait to hug and kiss you . Love your Queen and baby King Noah …

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