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  1. Andrianna

    I love listening to 95.7 the beat. Work is pretty quiet in the mornings so I usually get a chance to listen without interruption to DJ Ewrek. I enjoy listening to his news updates and comments, they’re informative and he throws his own spin on things and it’s pretty funny. I also love winning prizes! ….I’ve been trying for Disneyland tickets!!! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. juanitaj

    Hey Andrianna,
    We appreciate you listening to our station and love hearing the feedback! Keep listening
    95.7 The Beat

  3. Shannon

    Very disappointed to hear Sandra voice her support this am for Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the playing of our national anthem. Being a military community here at Vandenberg and watching men and women deploy and lose their lives in defense of our country it saddens me to see our local radio host not support the flag, what it stands for, and those individuals. This station will no longer be playing in my house or car and l will certainly be passing this on to public affairs. Sandra there are men and women who no longer have legs after being blown up in Iraq and yet they still pull themselves up to honor our flag and the sacrifices that have been made for freedom. Shame on you

  4. swalter

    Hi Shannon,

    Sandy supports Kaepernick taking a stand against police brutality, but not necessarily the way he did it. She has tremendous respect for our flag, country and all the men and women in our military.

    We respect and appreciate your opinion and we apologize for the misunderstanding, or disagreement. It is a complicated and controversial subject.

  5. Jesse Guzman

    Hey Sandy
    Miss Shannon shouldn’t yup and shame someone for having an opinion or feelings. an apology. I’m a combat veteran and being in America means different things to different people. I did not volunteer to get deployed for our flag. I fought for my brothers in arms. I fight for my family here and family members in Mexico who want to come and enjoy the American dream. I believe in Jesus Christ however if my kids don’t want to pray as I do I’m not going to get angry them. One of the BEST parts of being in America is us have all these different opinions and cultures making one great nation. Being able to stand side by side with a Muslims as well as a Jewish people, Makes is stronger then countries that stand alone.
    Keep doing you Sandy I enjoy morning shows. Liking forward to making a sign for the parade. First time on the website but long time listener. Cane on the website to see about the poster thing herd it on the radio. Thoughts like finally i can win something. Best part I can do it with my kids with trash. Well left over stuff you’ll see hopefully I win a bag.

    Keep doing you

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