Situation 805: “All the women in my neighborhood ask my husband for help.”

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Good Morning! So I have a strange situation happening in my neighborhood. We live in a cul de sac and my neighborhood consists of mostly women. There are a few men that live there, there’s an older man that lives near the end of the block, a guy and his wife like in their 50s and my husband. My husband is a really nice guy so they ask him for help all the time to move heavy stuff or do small handyman work which I’m ok with and he’s ok with cause I know how he likes to be helpful and like I said nice. Recently I have noticed that a lot of the women here are flirting with him. He has told me numerous times as well and has said he doesn’t like it and it makes him feel awkward. He told me to intervene whenever it happens. I just don’t know what to do. there was even one time one of the single moms asked if he could discipline her kid! I was shocked, that’s a definitive no! I told some of my family members and they said that It could be hard being a single mother and to look at it that way. I’m super frustrated. What should we do? (email your situation to: