Situation 805: “I matched with a guy online. He’s married.”

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Hey guys so I recently matched with a guy and we have been talking. He suggested that we move to snapchat and we did. I liked the Idea because I was able to find his social media easier based off of his snapchat username. I was surprised because the first thing I saw was that he had a wife and kids. I kept looking at his social media giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is divorced. NOPE! he definitely looks like he is happily married. Well now I’m pretty upset because I hate this sort of thing and cheaters. From a moral perspective now I feel like I want to let his wife know. I would like to know if my husband was doing this. Maybe I should talk to him first. honestly I don’t know what to do. Also thinking about confrontation and bringing it up makes my stomach hurt especially something as crazy as this! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys! (email your situation to: