Situation 805: “I have a degree in mechanical engineering but I’m actually an exotic dancer”

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Hello guys, So two years ago I quit my job as a project manager for a solar company. I actually went to school for mechanical engineering and got my degree. I actually ended up quitting because I had a mental health break down and got a job as an adult dancer believe it or not! Dancing has actually helped me focus on myself and my mental health to the point that I feel like I am emotionally and mentally the best I’ve ever been. I think I am ready for a career again. I wouldn’t mind going into solar again but I don’t really want to be an engineer. I am open to work in something engineering related though. Well my question is do you think it is a good Idea for me to try it out again I just don’t want to fall back on feeling like I did once before. What do you guys think? Has anyone been through something like this? Should I try going back?(email your situation to