Situation 805: “Should I wait to breakup with my boyfriend until after my birthday?”

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Good morning! Hey guys so I am in a predicament. I feel bad but not really and wanted to see your thoughts. So I have been having issues in my relationship. It has gotten so bad that I am going to end things. He has just put me through a lot and I have put up with a lot. At this point I have invested way more emotionally to make it work. My birthday is coming up and my boyfriend always buys me expensive gifts especially after we have been in a fight. My friends know this and they said to wait until after my b day. In a way I want to wait until after my birthday because I feel like he does owe me for all the crap that I’ve put up with and all I have invested emotionally. On the other hand I know it is wrong. Am I wrong for waiting to break up? what do you guys think?(email your situation to