Situation 805: “My ex boyfriend is trying to get back at me

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I had been dating my ex boyfriend for 3 years. He is such a toxic and very insecure person. During the time we were together he was verbally abusive, he would call me names if I wore certain things that he didn’t approve, or if guys gave me attention when we were out. I can’t control how someone reacts when they see me. Well long story short, I left to San Francisco with my cousins to have a girl’s trip. My boyfriend at the time didn’t “let” me go because he said we were just going to meet random guys. He made it out to be something that wasn’t. We got into a big fight over it and I decided to go even without his approval. He sent me a message saying I was going to regret it.

I turned off my phone the whole weekend and I had a blast! We I got back into town he told me it was over, he was expecting me to beg him. I simply said okay. That wasn’t the reaction he was expecting. He said I cannot get mad if he decides to date anyone and I told him I don’t care who he dates. I have grown to despise him. Well he made it known who he’s trying to get with next. It’s my little cousin. She’s 19 and she doesn’t know better. I know he’s doing it to get under my skin and to cause jealousy. I pretty much hate him. I tried reaching out to my little cousin to warn her about him and what he’s doing. She is young, dumb and so gullible. She is falling for his lies even after I showed her the text messages of him telling me he was just doing this to get me mad. She thinks I’m hating on her. He did spin the story and she took his side. And now they are dating. It’s getting to me knowing he is using my little cousin, and it does hurt me that my cousin would date my ex after everything he did to me. My grandparents are in town and our family will be visiting our house. I’ve made it clear I don’t want my cousin coming over, half my family agrees the other half thinks it petty. Am I in the wrong for kicking her out if she shows up?  (email your situation to: