Situation 805: “My childhood best friend is getting married, but he hasn’t invited me”

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Good morning guys! I live in Lompoc and commute to Arroyo Grande every weekday & I listen to The Beat on my way to work. So one of my childhood best friends is getting married next month. Me and this guy have known each other since 8th grade. We played sports together, our families know each other, we’ve been through so much together. Well in January we got together and had a few drinks. We got into a heated argument about I don’t even know what. It was all drunk talk. I just know that he didn’t want to talk to me after that. I reached out to him and called him on 3 separate occasions. I called him to try to understand what happened and try to put this incident behind us. Let’s be honest we all have our phone on us, so he saw that I had called him. He never returned my calls. We have never had a fall out like this. After the 3rd time, I felt I was begging so I stopped calling him. I was hoping things would cool down and we would be cool again by now. Well my other boys have received their invitation to the wedding… I would be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt that he hasn’t invited me yet or if he’s going to invite me at all. It hurts that he hasn’t tried communicating with me. I tried to make the effort. I don’t know if I should try reaching out once more, or just let it be? I am willing to put my pride aside, but I also do not want to beg for his friendship. I really just miss the homie. What should I do? (email your situation to: