Situation 805: “We just moved into a new neighborhood and it’s kinda fishy”

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Dear 95.7 The Beat, I have a situation I want to share and maybe you guys can help me. We just moved here. We are literally the new kids on the block. Well We’ve noticed a lot of activity coming from one of the houses on our block. Cars are always stopping by our street and going to the house on the end of our street. I think they are dealing drugs or something so I stopped letting our 10 year old son ride his bike because I am not sure what’s happening. It seems everyone on our block has known each other for years and they’re okay with what’s happening at that house, if there is anything happening. I might be wrong and there might not be anything happening. But isn’t it weird this house has a lot of visitors? My husband won’t do anything about it! He told me to stay out of it and that we just need to mind our own business especially if their minding theirs and it isn’t affecting us. I have contemplated on calling the police a few times. Am I being a Karen if I call? I just want to make sure my son can be outside with out getting drugs offered to him or something. What would you do? Should I call the police just to be safe or let it be? We paid a lot of money to live here so I think this needs to be looked into it. (email your situation to