Situation 805: “I wanted to shoot my shot & take my supervisor’s daughter to dinner”

Wat up! I need some advise. So my supervisor had a bbq at his house and everyone from work was there. I got to meet some of his family including his daughter who is gorgeous! She was only there for a while but I thought she was sooooo fine! On Monday I thanked my supervisor for the invite and I told him that I thought his daughter was very beautiful, and he said “she’s single too” and I told him I would really love to take her out to dinner some time. Well my supervisor is a really cool older guy and he said he would bring it up to his daughter. He gave me her number and we had been texting back and forth. Well the day I went to pick her up to go to dinner I was so confused! I got to their house and when I got there his daughter comes out, gives me a hug and tells me “nice to finally meet you”, I did not realize my supervisor has 2 daughters! wtf!! This whole time I thought he was talking about the fine one, I didn’t know there was another daughter!! I didn’t say anything. I felt so awkward! I tried to make the best of the dinner date. She’s nice but I am honestly not attracted to her, I am interested in the other sister! I feel like I messed up bad! All because of lack of communication and now I don’t know what to do. I’m gonna be seen as the bad guy no matter what. I don’t want to mess up my relationship with my supervisor, but I still want to shoot my shot at the other daughter. What would you do? (email your situation to: