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Situation 805: “I don’t know if it’s normal for girls to be this close.”

I have a situation going on that’s driving me crazy! I don’t know if my girlfriend is into women or she’s just not into me or what. So my girlfriend has a best friend that is her go to. These 2 girls do everything together since high school and some times I tell my girl friend that she likes her more than me. I can’t help but suspect that there’s more than a friendship going on. They call each other names like boo, babe, love etc. When one of them spends the night at the other’s house, they sleep in the same bed, change in front of each other, it’s too much in my opinion. She tells me that I’m her man, but I am over reacting, girls talk like that to their close friends. I can’t picture me doing that with any of my guy friends. We don’t do that, we would be seen as gay, and I am heterosexual. She told me that if I keep making a big deal out of nothing that she doesn’t want to be with me. I think this could be her way to break up with me to be with her best friend. Am I over reacting or am I being played? Do girls really act like this with their friends. By the way we are both 25, I was in the military and this is my 1st relationship in many years so I don’t really know what’s considered normal or a red flag. I need other’s thoughts so I can move on from this doubt. (email your situation to

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