Situation 805: “My ex wants to move take my son across the country”

Good morning everyone. I have a question because I don’t really know who to ask about this. I have a 12 year old son that I share 50 50 custody with his mom. We’ve been split up for about 10 years. I’ve been in my current relationship for about 7 years, my wife treats my son like her own. I have my own place, a good job and my son has his own room at my house has everything he needs. His mother has struggled with drug use and trouble with the law. She doesn’t work and she has had children with other men after we split. During that time my son stayed with me for a few years, since she couldn’t take care of him since she had 3 smaller kids. She recently got married and her new husband wants to move to Virginia. My son knows no one out there, he has his whole life here, his school, his friends, me, my family! My wife and I help him with school work, he has great grades and we keep him in occupied in sports. I don’t want her to take him. She is putting things into his head to persuade him to want to move. But the things she’s telling him is stuff like, if you don’t move with me that means you don’t love me, or who do you love the most. I don’t think it’s right she tells him these things. I don’t say stuff to put him against his mom, but there’s no way she’s going to take care of him the way I do. Plus the guys she married has only been in the picture for less than a year. I don’t know him and I’m iffy having my son living with him. She is moving pretty soon and has threatened to take my son to move across the country. Do I have any rights? What can I do? Who should I go talk to about this? Like I said I’m pretty clueless but I cannot permit her taking my son, he belongs here! Please help point me in the right direction.

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