Situation 805: “Parents need to dress appropriate at the public pool”

My situation isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s more of a public service announcement… On fourth of July my family and I went out to a water park. The weather was perfect, the kids were excited and everything was great. A family showed up and set up right next to us. We went out to swim, when we got back the mother was in her bathing suit tanning. I saw some teenage boys starring at her so I told her what I saw. She was unbothered and didn’t bother covering up. She was a very curvaceous woman and her bathing suit barely covering her body parts. Parents stop wearing skimpy bathing suits to the public pool! I don’t think it’s one bit appropriate for mothers to be wearing 2 piece bikinis while there’s children and families at the water parks. They are basically saying they have no respect for themselves. I am a mother of 3 boys and I would never want to make others uncomfortable or embarrass my family like that. It’s tasteless. I think a lot of mothers out there feel the same way I do, we are out there for the KIDS not to see your tattooed body parts for men and young boys to see. It’s disgusting. I understand you’re proud of your body, but there’s a place and a time. Throw on some shorts, cover up that behind. Put it away no one wants to see it!! Thank you. -A concerned parent (I hope you guys and your listeners can agree)  (email your situation to: