Situation 805: “My son wants a tattoo, my wife is not about that life!”

My oldest son is about to turn 19 and wants to get a tattoo. When my son was 16, we made a deal with him: if he kept up his grades and stayed on a path to go to college I would take him to get a tattoo once he turned 18. He kept his side of the deal and is still doing great in college. He was supposed to get one on his 18th birthday but because of the pandemic, he wasn’t able to do it. So here’s the thing… my son still lives at home with us and my other 2 kids, my wife is very anti-tattoo. My son is now technically and adult and can go into a shop with out needing our permission. My wife hasn’t been talking to me because she doesn’t want him to mark his body. It’s always been a topic she tries to avoid. She knew about the deal we made years ago, she thought he would grow out of that idea.  My wife is trying to convince him not to get a tattoo, and instead pick a alternate reward. I don’t want to have a mad wife, but also I have to keep my word too! He kept up his side of the bargain! What do I do guys! I need your help! (email your situation to