Situation 805: “I invited a girl to a nice EXPENSIVE dinner, and after we ate she dipped!”

What’s up guys so check it out here’s what happened to me. There’s this girl on Instagram that I’ve been trying to get with for a while. She has a really nice body and she does get a lot of attention from a lot of guys. I mustard up the courage to ask her out after she had asked her out a few times in the past and she finally said yes! I took her to a really nice restaurant and I ordered a pricy wine bottle, followed by drinks and I let her order whatever she wanted. I thought we had a good time. After dinner I invited her to my condo to chill, watch a movie or something. She actually ended up leaving after our dinner date. I called her out because she couldn’t even spend some time with me after I spent all that money on her, so I asked her to pay me for half the date. I told her she was an ungrateful ***! She deleted me from social media, and I feel used. Why are women like this?! If a good man is trying to show you a good time and you’re ungrateful then you deserve to be alone. Fellas be aware of girls that are just going to waste your money and your time. Some girls belong to the streets. (email your situation to: