Situation 805: “Just because you don’t cuss, doesn’t make you a good person”

Good morning. I want to ask you guys what you think. My boyfriend and I have a 3 year old little boy. He is a well behaved sweet kid. He is very smart and curious. Last year due to the pandemic we spent A LOT of time at home. We live with my boyfriend’s family. They are good people. I really feel part of the family. I was in foster care growing up and ever since I moved in with them they have taught me a lot. Well our 3 year old has picked up on a few cuss words. Cussing isn’t looked down upon at this household. A friend of mine told me that it’s not good for my son to be in that environment. I disagree! My son is very much loved and happy. She made it seem like we are abusing/endangering our son. We hear him say these words but we don’t stop him, we are teaching him when/where it’s appropriate to use these sentence enhancers.

All words are made up if you think about it, all of them. WE are the ones who gives them meaning. We aren’t sheltering my son because he will be exposed to these words, but we are teaching him to be responsible with them so they aren’t used in a derogatory manner. In case you’re wondering what words he’s caught on to, it’s those you use when you stub your toe, and also to express when he’s excitement. To those who criticize us as parents, just because YOU choose to not cuss does NOT make you a good person. I grew up in foster homes where cussing was a very bad thing, and those people where awful humans that did not care for my well being. My boyfriend and his family cuss like sailors, but it’s never felt offensive or threatening and they are great, hardworking, loving people. I’m tired of being called a bad mom because of this. Let me raise my boy, and you worry about your kids! I just want to know if anyone else is going through this with their peers who also have kids? (email your situation to: