Situation 805: “Help! How do I bring this up to my son’s dad? He’s 12 and he still kisses him on the lips.”

Dear situation 805,
My oldest son is 12 I had him with my high school boyfriend and I have been split since my son was almost a year old. My issue is that my son will be going to junior high this year and his dad still kisses him on the lips in public, also my son recently said that he shares a bed with him too. I feel like this is very inappropriate especially because he is starting puberty and it’s embarrassing for him to kissing him in public I don’t even do that and I’m his mom. I don’t want him to get teased and I think that at this age he should have some space especially in his own bed. My question is should I bring this up to his dad and if so how do I approach it? (email your situation to: