Situation 805: “Is my son too young to go on a trip with his gf and her family?”

Dear 95.7 The Beat, I have a question to ask because I don’t really have a lot of peers in the area. I work and don’t really get to do much socializing except with my kids. My son is 15, going to be 16 in December. Well he has this little girlfriend and her and her family are going camping at the end of August and my son asked me if he can go with them. Don’t get me wrong the girl is very sweet and I haven’t really had much time to chat with her parents, but I am not 100% comfortable with this. Although her parents will be with them, that still doesn’t guarantee that they won’t sneak off and do stuff on their own. My son is a great student and an overall great kid, and he deserves to have a fun summer, BUT… he is about to turn 16 and really into spending time with his girlfriend. I am scared that something might happen on this trip. I got pregnant with him at 17 and raising a child while you yourself are still a kid is very difficult. What should I do? Let him go and trust him that he isn’t going to do anything stupid. Or should I plan a trip so he still has that camping summer experience and invite his gf but that way I will have more control over the situation.

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