Situation 805: “I just want to hit it and quit it, toot it and boot it.”

Hey guys. I have a question for the men out there listening. I am 29 years old woman who just wants to have fun. I’ve been seeing this guy and so far we have gone on 4 dates over a one month period. He’s the one who made the 1st move, he’s the one who insisted I go out with him. I got out of a long term relationship and I’ve been single for a year. I met this guy on Instagram and I made it clear I am not looking for anything serious at the moment. I’m here for a good time not a long time. Well like I mentioned we’ve already been on 4 dates and he hasn’t even tried to make moves on me. I don’t get it. My intentions are to have a good time that’s it. I’m not looking for a relationship. He’s the one that goes out of his way to wine and dine me. We have a day trip to Santa Barbara planned for this weekend and if he doesn’t make a move I am going to cut him off.  My coworker told me that it’s messed up if I go out with him again and then just cut him off since he seems to be a good guy. I don’t think it is, I’ve been completely honest and if IT is not going to happen, it’s a waste of my time. She’s trying to make me feel guilty and it’s not very lady like. Should I feel guilty? Because I don’t, so does that make me a bad person? Why can’t a girl just have fun? (email your situation to