Situation 805: “My boyfriend’s daughter is a terror!”

I really cannot stand my boyfriend’s daughter! I’ve been dating this guy for over 2 years now. We met while ordering food at the same place. We hit it off and started dating. He’s divorced and has a child from his previous marriage. His daughter lives on the East Coast with her mother, so she only visits her dad once a year because of the distance and their schedules. His daughter is now 9 years and has been staying with us for a month till she starts the new school year. I don’t know how to coexist while she’s spending time here with her dad. He feels completely guilty he can’t be there for her on the daily, so he tries to make it up during the time she’s here. The thing about her is that she’s a brat!!!!! She’s only 9 but she knows exactly what she’s doing. For example I’ll make breakfast and she’ll she doesn’t like it, and as soon as her dad walks in she’s super sweet and nice to me and as soon as her dad is gone, she will purposely say things like “my mom is prettier than you” or purposely make a messes making it seem like accidents. She will be having a fit or get in trouble with her dad and while he’s in the room she will run and hug me to comfort her, once he leaves she drops the act and I’ll try to be affectionate towards her and she will rudely tells me she doesn’t want me to hug her. When he’s affectionate with me she gets in between us and I’m pushed to aside. She sometimes sleep in our bed and I go to the guest room. She’s taking over my house! She puts up a front for her dad. I tried telling him this and he thinks I am crazy. She’s only here a few more days thank God, but the thing is I don’t know this little girl is gonna be the end of us if he cannot see what she’s doing! I am absolutely in love with my boyfriend but I don’t think his guilt as a part time parent is allowing him to see what’s going on. Help!

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